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Neuroradiologist, Medical Expert Witness

Wrong Level Spine Surgery -US Patents

In 2007, it was reported that 33% of wrong site surgeries consisted of wrong level spine surgeries. Between 2–23% of the population have one too many or one too few vertebral bones in their spine. Dr. Weiss's US Patents listed below correctly identify the level of the spine even in the presence of variation or pathology. On January 15, 2009 Medicare stopped paying for wrong level spine surgery unless a variation was discovered. In 2014, Siemens licensed licensing the technology. Read More...

Auto-Detection of Infarcts

Dr. Weiss uses his expertise in neuroradiology and programming to identify imaging pathology and apply artificial intelligence to do it better.

Optimizing Imaging Techniques

Dr. Weiss has developed imaging techniques that correct for patient positioning inside the scanner and co-registers the anatomy to subsequent imaging studies, reducing time to diagnosis. Dr. Weiss has also developed technology that combines 2 images into 1, decreasing the amount of images needed to download and review, saving more time; getting to the diagnosis faster.